Why you should invest on ELECTRONEUM – ELECTRONEUM is Taking the World



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Right now, as of this date, Electroneum is scheduled for release in November. It won't be long before it hits $1! This video is designed to HELP YOU experience the same profits and buy ETN tokens .
Electroneum. Make mining available for mobile phones seems ti be one of the great way to make more money for normal users and let more than 2.2 B people get involved .

What is it?
Electroneum is a cryptocurrency designed for adoption in the mobile currency market globally, with very fast micro-transactions between apps, games and users. It has a maximum coin volume of 21 billion which according to them means that transactions will have only 2 decimal spaces and sort of a real money feel that lacks when using Bitcoin in santoshis. For more information, check out their white paper. It looks quite interesting to me!

Why it looks interesting?

It can be mined via mobile app installed on the smartphone; they even have a free apple and android app in place that can be operational from 31st Oct onwards (day 1 after token sale)
Utilizes the same blockchain model as Monero & Bytecoin but claims to be far more accessible and simple to use (2 decimal based cryptocurrency)
Focus on gaming and gambling markets – the potential is definitely big here!
Backed by Rocketspace CEO, Duncan Logan – who claims this to be the first ICO he is investing in
Available at 100 coins per USD 1. If you invest before Sep 20th, you will get a 50% bonus tokens, between 21st to 27th, 40% bonus and so on so a good time to invest will be now
How to invest:
You can register using the link below and follow the instructions to transfer Bitcoin or Ether from your wallet to an address generated by the website and you will have your Electroneum in a few minutes. You will also receive an additional 1% bonus tokens (besides the 50%) if you sign up using the link below:

I think the concept looks promising considering the focus on smartphone users and 2 decimal points. For a digital currency to be mainstream, it does need to do away with a lot of these decimals that we cannot easily comprehend. Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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