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Electroneum the next big ICO. In this video I talk about a ICO called Electroneum I talk about what it

is, should you invest and if I am investing or not.
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The crypto world has been buzzing about this new ICO so I had to dive in and take a closer look.

Particularly, people have been raving about the ability to mine the Electroneum coin with your mobile

phone. Turns out, the truth might surprise you…there’s a lot of misunderstanding floating around

regarding this coin. Please give this video a watch to learn more about Electroneum, their mobile

mining capabilities, target market, token sale details, and more!

Electroneum ICO with Price Prediction… In this video I explain the main details of this ICO

Electroneum and where I think it is going to go within the first few weeks and then the next few

months. This Coin is aimed at the Online Gaming and Online Gambling Platform which has been

estimated at over 2.2 Billion Market! This Coin has been formatted with only 2 Digits to the right of

the decimal point, making it as easy to understand as the USD and other Fiat Currencies. This will

greatly simplify how the end user can relate to this currency as well as the user friendly approach for

anyone new to the Crypto Currency World!

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